Asar your unique partner for food business development!

We are not an ordinary supplier of flavours and  food ingredients. In the society of today and tomorrow it is necessary to contribute to customers future success.

It is not only because of high quality products. With a global view we offer solutions for future success based on consumer behaviours and international trends. Let us help you to create the next market success in food and beverages. 

One stop shop

With our long experience and knowledge of the Central Asian market we have build up a business concept to provide you optimal service and products for food and beverages. We represent world leading companies and cover most areas of food ingredients and flavours. It is convenient for you as a customer as we offer most kind of products for your production. We are one source who offers many solutions.

Unique offer

We do not only offer you products of highest quality. Our offer also include knowledge how to create success in the market. With international network and contacts with leading trend- and product specialists we can inspire you with new ideas to create your next market success.

Global local

The world is becoming smaller and trends are spread fast. Nevertheless there are differences in the markets and even if a product is a success in one market you cannot be sure that it will work in an another market. It is necessary to identify the local conditions before a product will be launched. With our global view and local insight we can translate an international success product and modify it to the local conditions and preferences.

The best of the best

We have the confidence from the world leading company DuPont / Danisco to distribute their products in the Central Asian area. They would not give us this opportunity if they did not trust that we are a leading company in our sector. Together this is a “win win” situation for them, for us and for you as a customer. We distribute the best food ingredients and flavours in the world. With our new concept ASAR SELECTION we also have the opportunity to design products direct for the Central Asian market based on international trends and local taste preferences.

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